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Eight Issues About Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Online That you really want… Badly

Graham: Pro Bowl will decide whether to accept shoulder surgery

Jimmy – Graham (Jimmy Graham) plans to repeat dunk celebration in vocational bowl, but the fun may stop here.

The New Orleans Saints tight end said he was still a choice whether or not to get injured disease entangled long shoulder surgery in the offseason this week. “This is what we talked about, and it is still in the matter under consideration,” Graham told the media. “To some extent the Pro Bowl is the place to test my current situation. I have to rest for three weeks, so I finally had a chance to recover. It feels great, I will continue to let the shoulder recover and return to a hundred percent state . “

Graham told the media said, “As of Thursday,” he has no plans to undergo surgery, but already discussed possible treatment processes. It is reported that most of the offensive players by the time the season shoulder injury plagued Lara, cheap nfl jerseys all but refused to clarify aggravated the injury, he said: “Even if (coach) Sean (- Payton) (Sean Payton) did not stand here, after 10 minutes, he will call me and ask what I just said. “

Graham never missed game of the season, but he made 85 catches for cheap authentic jerseys usa 889 yards in the data since 2010, his rookie season minimal. Obviously this injury limited him to play in the second half of the season, making the Pro Bowl to become the ultimate test his injured shoulder.

“I will return to Miami, I will take a lot of time aircraft spend some time in heaven, I will complete as much of the rehabilitation work in the next four weeks,” Graham said. “This is a big week for me, just look at where I was. I feel good, this is good news, I will try not to undergo surgery.”

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