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Saints quarterback Tyson – Hill: willing to leave starting opportunities

Although Tyson – Hill (Taysom Hill) was praised as a “Swiss army knife” type of player, for him, fake oakley sunglasses he believes he is only a possibility in the future of the NFL.

“I certainly see themselves as the starting quarterback,” Hill said in a recent interview. “I think when you consider the other question:?? Is the New Orleans Saints or the other team when you enter the free agent market, which is you begin to know how other people think of you when we become a free agent long enough it can not really let us know how other people look at me, we will face this problem on becoming a free agent. “

This offseason, Saints quarterback position will face many uncertainties.

Saints are still waiting for veteran Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) made the decision to keep the team continue to campaign or retired. Teddy was the first opportunity when injured last season, Brisbane – Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) the same will become a free agent. The Almighty Hill is a restricted free agent, he believes he can become the starting quarterback and you want to get the opportunity to show this.

His above this passage is to answer whether he was Brisbane’s successor. He said he then live very happily in the saints, but if the Saints did not put him as the starting quarterback, then he will join their team value.

“I love what I do (in New Orleans) every second of the time. So I want to leave it? The truth is not that I do not want to,” Hill said. “But when you are faced with as a free agent, you have to find the right opportunity for yourself. You have to find your family can take care of the environment. I want as a quarterback in this league, if New Orleans do not give me this opportunity, then I’ll leave this situation is really what we are currently located. “

Hill did not clearly indicate when they want to get the opportunity to be a starter. So he may still stay in Brisbane Saints continue to serve on the bench. However, Hill has clearly expressed a desire to serve as the starting quarterback in the future. At present we do not know when he will be able to do so.

In three years the Saints playing career, Hill served as a tight end, wide receiver and fake oakley sunglasses quarterback, and he also played special teams.

Last season, Hill completed three passes to obtain 55 yards, completed four red balls get 50 yards, completed two catches for 25 yards made. In the loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs, he completed four red balls advancing 50 yards, 1 touchdown to complete the ball and complete a second key 50-yard pass.

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