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Titans tight end coach will be promoted to offensive coordinator

Former offensive coordinator Matt – Lufkin after Raul (Matt LaFleur) went Packers became the head coach, the Titans need to fill the vacancy. From their own coaching staff to find someone is naturally the best choice.

The team officially announced the promotion of tight end coach Arthur – Smith (Arthur Smith) as offensive coordinator.

Smith in 2015 half of the season when the tight end coach, Cheap Jerseys Wholesale he helped veteran Delaney – Walker (Delanie Walker) back the state. 2015-2017 three seasons, Walker season are the ball at least 65 times, advancing at least 800 yards. But this season he only played one game, then because of an ankle fracture and dislocation reimbursement.

Titans coach – Mike Vrabel (Mike Vrabel) said: “I am happy to Arthur, but also wholesale jerseys for sale the team promoted such a good coach happy season, Arthur to develop talent at the game plan, the race cheap nfl jerseys for sale different conditions. understanding, and ability to develop the potential of Everett are impressed me & hellip;. & hellip; he is very familiar with our players, so the group can continue to develop offensive players can also continue to improve the self. “

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